General Requirements for Passport Renewal

General Requirements for Passport Renewal:

  1. Accomplished passport application form;
  2. Current Philippine passport, plus photocopy of its data page;
  3. Valid Permanent Resident card* or Work Permit** or Canadian visit visa, plus photocopy;
  4. Additional requirements, if applicable (see below);
  5. Payment of passport processing fee of C$ 81.00 (exact amount), in cash;

Additional Requirements:

  1. For applicants below 18 years of age:
  • Original NSO Birth Certificate, plus photocopy;
  • (If accompanied by mother) Photocopy of mother’s passport;
  • (If accompanied by father) Original marriage contract, plus photocopy;

Photocopy of mother’s and father’s passports.

  1. For female applicants wishing to change their surname to their married name:
  • Original NSO Marriage Certificate, plus photocopy.
  1. For applicants renewing passports issued before 2008 (with green or brown covers):
  • Original NSO Birth Certificate, plus photocopy;
  • Most recent NBI Clearance Certificate, plus photocopy;

*For passport applicants who are permanent residents of Canada but cannot present a valid permanent resident (PR) card or whose PR cards have expired, they will have to present a “No Record Letter” issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Kindly follow this link ( to find out how to apply for this document.

**For passport applicants who are in Canada on work permits but whose permits have expired, they will have to present proof that they have applied for a renewal of their work permits.  This proof may be in the form of a receipt from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) showing the name of the applicant proving that a renewal of the work permit has been applied for.

Requirements for Replacement of Lost Passport:

  1. Photocopy of the data page of the lost passport, if available;
  2. Accomplished passport application form;
  3. Police report (if lost passport is still valid);
  4. Accomplished Affidavit of Loss/Destruction of a Philippine Passport (entails an additional fee of C$ 33.75);
  5. Original NSO Birth Certificate, plus photocopy;
  6. Most recent NBI Clearance Certificate, plus photocopy;
  7. Valid ID’s showing applicant’s photo and full name, plus photocopies of each;
  8. Other official documents (e.g. authenticated marriage certificate) showing applicant’s name, birthdate and birthplace;
  9. Payment of lost passport processing fee of C$ 202.50 (for lost valid passports) or C$ 121.50 (for lost expired passports), in cash or bank draft payable to Philippine Consulate General Calgary;

Passport applicants can expect their new passports to be available for release 6 to 8 weeks after processing.  New passports may be claimed personally at the Consulate by the applicant (or through a representative carrying an authorization letter from the applicant) upon presentation of the Official Receipt and the most recent Philippine passport.  Alternatively, applicants may choose to have their new passports delivered to them by courier.  In this case, the applicant must bring a self-addressed prepaid return envelope (e.g. Xpresspost) at the time of renewal.